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dc.contributor.authorOrdóñez Díaz, María Dolores
dc.contributor.authorAguilera García, Concepción María
dc.identifier.citationOrdóñez-Díaz, M. D., Gil-Campos, M., Flores-Rojas, K., Muñoz-Villanueva, M. C., Aguilera-García, C. M., Torre-Aguilar, M. J. D. L., & Pérez-Navero, J. L. (2020). Plasma Adipokines Profile in Prepubertal Children with a History of Prematurity or Extrauterine Growth Restriction. Nutrients, 12(4), 1201. [doi:10.3390/nu12041201]es_ES
dc.description.abstractAdipose tissue programming could be developed in very preterm infants with extrauterine growth restriction (EUGR), with an adverse impact on long-term metabolic status, as was studied in intrauterine growth restriction patterns. The aim of this cohort study was to evaluate the difference in levels of plasma adipokines in children with a history of EUGR. A total of 211 school age prepubertal children were examined: 38 with a history of prematurity and EUGR (EUGR), 50 with a history of prematurity with adequate growth (PREM), and 123 healthy children born at term. Anthropometric parameters, blood pressure, metabolic markers and adipokines (adiponectin, resistin, leptin) were measured. Children with a history of EUGR showed lower values of adiponectin (µg/mL) compared with the other two groups: (EUGR: 10.6 vs. PREM: 17.7, p < 0.001; vs. CONTROL: 25.7, p = 0.004) and higher levels of resistin (ng/mL) (EUGR: 19.2 vs. PREM: 16.3, p =0.007; vs. CONTROL: 7.1, p < 0.001. The PREM group showed the highest values of leptin (ng/mL), compared with the others: PREM: 4.9 vs. EUGR: 2.1, p = 0.048; vs. CONTROL: 3.2, p = 0.029). In conclusion, EUGR in premature children could lead to a distinctive adipokines profile, likely associated with an early programming of the adipose tissue, and likely to increase the risk of adverse health outcomes later in life.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThis study was supported by the Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica (Iþ DþI), Instituto de Salud Carlos III-Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria Project No. PI13/01245 from the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs and co-financed by the Consejería de Innovación y Ciencia, Junta de Andalucía, PI-0480-2012, Spain. The funding bodies did not partake in the design, collection, analyses or interpretation of the data or in writing the manuscript.es_ES
dc.rightsAtribución 3.0 España*
dc.subjectMetabolic syndromees_ES
dc.subjectExtrauterine growth restrictiones_ES
dc.titlePlasma Adipokines Profile in Prepubertal Children with a History of Prematurity or Extrauterine Growth Restrictiones_ES

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