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dc.contributor.authorUlzurrun, Eugenia
dc.contributor.authorStephens, Camilla
dc.contributor.authorRuiz-Cabello, Francisco
dc.contributor.authorRobles-Díaz, Mercedes
dc.contributor.authorSáenz-López, Pablo
dc.contributor.authorHallal, Hacibe
dc.contributor.authorSoriano, Germán
dc.contributor.authorRomán, Eva
dc.contributor.authorFernández, María del Carmen
dc.contributor.authorLucena, María Isabel
dc.contributor.authorAndrade, Raúl J.
dc.identifier.citationUlzurrun, E.; et al. Selected ABCB1, ABCB4 and ABCC2 Polymorphisms Do Not Enhance the Risk of Drug-Induced Hepatotoxicity in a Spanish Cohort. Plos One, 9(4): e94675 (2014). []es_ES
dc.description.abstract[Background and Aims] Flawed ABC transporter functions may contribute to increased risk of drug-induced liver injury (DILI). We aimed to analyse the influence of genetic variations in ABC transporters on the risk of DILI development and clinical presentations in a large Spanish DILI cohort. [Methods] A total of ten polymorphisms in ABCB1 (1236T>C, 2677G>T,A, 3435T>C), ABCB4 (1954A>G) and ABCC2 (−1774G>del, −1549A>G, −24C>T, 1249G>A, 3972C>T and 4544G>A) were genotyped using Taqman 5′ allelic discrimination assays or sequencing in 141 Spanish DILI patients and 161 controls. The influence of specific genotypes, alleles and haplotypes on the risk of DILI development and clinical presentations was analysed. [Results] None of the individual polymorphisms or haplotypes was found to be associated with DILI development. Carriers homozygous for the ABCC2 −1774del allele were however only found in DILI patients. Hence, this genotype could potentially be associated with increased risk, though its low frequency in our Spanish cohort prevented a final conclusion. Furthermore, carriers homozygous for the ABCC2 −1774G/−1549A/−24T/1249G/3972T/4544G haplotype were found to have a higher propensity for total bilirubin elevations when developing DILI. [Conclusions] Our findings do not support a role for the analysed polymorphisms in the ABCB1, ABCB4 and ABCC2 transporter genes in DILI development in Spanish patients. The ABCC2 −1774deldel genotype was however restricted to DILI cases and could potentially contribute to enhanced DILI susceptibility.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThis study was supported, in part, by research grants from the Agencia Española del Medicamento and Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria (PS 09/01384). CIBERehd and Red Genómica del Cáncer are funded by Instituto de Salud Carlos III.es_ES
dc.publisherPublic Library of Science (PLOS)es_ES
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Licensees_ES
dc.subjectBile es_ES
dc.subjectDrug metabolismes_ES
dc.subjectDrug therapyes_ES
dc.subjectLinkage disequilibriumes_ES
dc.subjectVariant genotypeses_ES
dc.titleSelected ABCB1, ABCB4 and ABCC2 Polymorphisms Do Not Enhance the Risk of Drug-Induced Hepatotoxicity in a Spanish Cohortes_ES

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