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      "Fundacion Benefica Anticancer Santa Candida y San Francisco Javier" predoctoral fellowship [1]
      3TR, IMI2 H2020-JTI538 IMI2-2018 [1]
      Abbott [1]
      Action for AT, United Kingdom charity AAT-8GRA02 [1]
      Agencia Estatal de Investigacion RTC-2017-6471-1 [1]
      AGL was supported by FIS Postdoctoral Research Contract CP03/00111. Studies were partially supported by a grant from Kureha Chemical Industry (Japan). [1]
      Andalusian Regional Government through Endocrinology & Metabolism Group CTS-202 [1]
      Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer INVES20011LÓPE, PEER-0028-2020 [1]
      Asociacion Espanola de Enfermos de Glucogenosis (AEEG) [1]
      Asociacion Espanola de Enfermos de Pompe (AEEP) [1]
      Aula de Investigación sobre la Leucemia infantil: Héroes contra la Leucemia the Ministry of Economy of Spain SAF2015-67919-R [1]
      Basque Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade (Etortek) [1]
      BBSRC LOLA grant [1]
      BFU2015-67131 (Spanish Ministery of Economy and Competitiveness) [1]
      Biomedicine Programme of the University of Granada (Spain) [1]
      Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) BB/F000227/1 [1]
      C, CC and AB were supported by projects CTS2200 and PI-0710-2013 of Junta de Andalucía, TIN2013-41990-R of Programa Estatal I+D+i MINECO, and GREIB PYR_2010-02 and 2010_05 of University of Granada. [1]
      Cabildo Insular de Tenerife (Apuestas cientificas del ITER para colaborar en la lucha contra la COVID-19) CGIEU0000219140 [1]
      Catedra de Investigación Antonio Chamorro-Alejandro Otero, Universidad de Granada CACH2017-1 [1]
      CECEyU [1]