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dc.contributor.authorBoudia, Soraya
dc.identifier.citationBoudia, Soraya. «Radioisotopes “economy of promises”: On the limits of biomedicine in public legitimization of nuclear activities». Dynamis: Acta Hispanica ad Medicinae Scientiarumque Historiam Illustrandam, 2009, Vol. 29, p. 241-260,
dc.description.abstractThis paper aims to examine the rise and the fall of biomedicine in the public legitimization of the development of nuclear energy. Until the late 1950s, biological and medical applications of radioisotopes were presented as the most important successes of the peaceful uses of atomic energy. I will argue that despite the major financial investment, the development of the uses of radioisotopes and their important impact on biology and clinical practices, the assessment of medical uses remained relatively limited. As consequence, the place of biomedicine in the public legitimization of financial investment and civilian uses of nuclear energy began to decline from the late 1950s.es_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad de Granadaes_ES
dc.rightsAtribución 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subjectBiomedicina nucleares_ES
dc.subjectLegitimación de la energía nucleares_ES
dc.subjectComisariado para la Energía Atómica en Franciaes_ES
dc.subjectRadioterapia es_ES
dc.subjectAtomic biomedicinees_ES
dc.subjectNuclear energy legitimizationes_ES
dc.subjectCommissariat à l’énergie atomique (CEA)es_ES
dc.subjectRadioisotopes es_ES
dc.subjectRadio therapyes_ES
dc.subjectCancer therapyes_ES
dc.titleRadioisotopes «economy of promises»: On the limits of biomedicine in public legitimization of nuclear activitieses_ES

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Atribución 4.0 Internacional
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