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dc.contributor.authorLozano Lorca, Macarena 
dc.contributor.authorRodríguez González, Margarita
dc.contributor.authorSalcedo Bellido, Inmaculada 
dc.contributor.authorVázquez Alonso, Fernando
dc.contributor.authorArrabal Polo, Miguel Ángel 
dc.contributor.authorMartín Castaño, Benita
dc.contributor.authorSánchez Pérez, María José 
dc.contributor.authorJiménez Moleón, José Juan 
dc.contributor.authorOlmedo Requena, María Rocío
dc.identifier.citationLozano-Lorca, M... [et al.]. Dietary Patterns and Prostate Cancer: CAPLIFE Study. Cancers 2022, 14, 3475. []es_ES
dc.description.abstractThe etiology of prostate cancer (PCa) remains uncertain, and the role of diet is unclear. We aimed to evaluate the role of diet, through dietary patterns, on PCa, considering tumor aggressiveness and extension. The CAPLIFE study is a population-based case-control study including a total of 428 incident PCa cases and 393 controls aged 40–80 years. Dietary information was collected through a validated food frequency questionnaire. Three dietary patterns were identified through principal component analysis: “Mediterranean,” “Western,” and “Unhealthy,” which were categorized into tertiles according to the control group cutoff points. Tumor aggressiveness and extension was determined. Logistic regression models were used to assess the association between dietary patterns and PCa. High adherence to an unhealthy dietary pattern was associated with higher odds of PCa, ORT3vsT1 = 1.52 (95% CI 1.02–2.27), especially for cases with ISUP 1–2 and localized PCa tumors. This association was not observed with aWestern or Mediterranean pattern. In conclusion, adherence to an unhealthy diet appears to be associated with higher odds of PCa, especially for cases with ISUP 1–2 and localized PCa tumors.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipRegional Ministry of Health and Families, Junta de Andalucia/Consejeria de Salud y Familias, Junta de Andalucia PI-0514-2016es_ES
dc.rightsAtribución 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subjectDietary patternses_ES
dc.subjectProstate canceres_ES
dc.subjectCAPLIFE studyes_ES
dc.subjectCase-control studyes_ES
dc.subjectPrincipal component analysises_ES
dc.titleDietary Patterns and Prostate Cancer: CAPLIFE Studyes_ES

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Atribución 4.0 Internacional
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