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dc.contributor.authorTorres Martín, César 
dc.contributor.authorAcal González, Christian José 
dc.contributor.authorEl Homrani, Mohammed 
dc.contributor.authorMingorance Estrada, Ángel Custodio
dc.identifier.citationTorres-Martín, C... [et al.]. Implementation of the flipped classroom and its longitudinal impact on improving academic performance. Education Tech Research Dev (2022). []es_ES
dc.descriptionThe authors thank the support of the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities the PhD grant (FPU18/01779) awarded to Christian Acal. We thank the involvement, innovation and collaboration from the professors part of the SEJ-622 Research Group, accredited and financed by the Junta de Andalucia, who are carrying out the proposals and development of these active methodologies at the University of Granada, for the purpose of providing experiences at all educational levels.es_ES
dc.description.abstractThe objective has been to know the impact of the flipped classroom methodology on the academic performance of students during their training process in relation to the traditional methodology over time, in order to establish baselines in the academic grades in both models. The research is of a quasi-experimental type of non-equivalent groups, with a longitudinal trend design in the data collection process. The entire available population has been selected, with 1.236 students participating, exploring the grades as an analytical resource, from the 2010/2011 to the 2019/2020 academic years. The results show statistically significant differences in the improvement of academic performance with the flipped classroom methodology. Furthermore, the results reinforce that the flipped teaching model effectively promotes students’ interest, their capacity for autonomous learning and personal and cooperative relationships.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipSpanish Government FPU18/01779es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipJunta de Andaluciaes_ES
dc.rightsAtribución 3.0 España*
dc.subjectTraditional learninges_ES
dc.subjectBlended learninges_ES
dc.subjectFlipped classroomes_ES
dc.subjectAcademic performancees_ES
dc.subjectCooperative / collaborative learninges_ES
dc.titleImplementation of the flipped classroom and its longitudinal impact on improving academic performancees_ES

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Atribución 3.0 España
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