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dc.contributor.authorViruez Soto, José
dc.contributor.authorDelgado Bolton, Roberto C.
dc.contributor.authorSan Martín, Montserrat
dc.contributor.authorVivanco, Luis
dc.identifier.citationViruez-Soto, J.; Delgado Bolton, R.C.; San-Martín, M.; Vivanco, L. Inter-Professional Collaboration and Occupational Well-Being of Physicians Who Work in Adverse Working Conditions. Healthcare 2021, 9, 1210. healthcare9091210es_ES
dc.description.abstractInter-professional collaboration, empathy and lifelong learning, components of medical professionalism, have been associated with occupational well-being in physicians. However, it is not clear whether this role persists in adverse working conditions. This study was performed to assess whether this is the case. These three abilities, and the self-perception of somatization, exhaustion and work alienation, were measured in a sample of 60 physicians working in a hospital declared to be in an institutional emergency. A multiple regression model explained 40% of the variability of exhaustion, with a large effect size (Cohen’s-f 2 = 0.64), based on a linear relationship with teamwork (p = 0.01), and more dedication to academic (p < 0.001) and management activities (p < 0.003). Neither somatization nor alienation were predicted by empathy or lifelong learning abilities. Somatization, exhaustion, or alienation scores either explained empathy, inter-professional collaboration or lifelong learning scores. These findings indicate that, in adverse working environments, physicians with a greater sense of inter-professional collaboration or performing multi-task activities are more exposed to suffering exhaustion.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipFundación Rioja Saludes_ES
dc.rightsAtribución 3.0 España*
dc.subjectInter-professional collaborative workes_ES
dc.subjectOccupational Stresses_ES
dc.subjectPatient Care Teames_ES
dc.subjectPhysicians es_ES
dc.titleInter-Professional Collaboration and Occupational Well-Being of Physicians Who Work in Adverse Working Conditionses_ES

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Atribución 3.0 España
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