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dc.contributor.authorCámara Serrano, Juan Antonio 
dc.contributor.authorAlcaraz Hernández, Francisco Miguel
dc.contributor.authorMolina González, Fernando 
dc.contributor.authorMontufo Martín, Antonio Manuel 
dc.contributor.authorSpanedda, Liliana
dc.identifier.citationCÁMARA SERRANO, J.A., ALCARAZ HERNÁNDEZ, F.M., MOLINA GONZÁLEZ, F., MONTUFO MARTÍN, A.M., SPANEDDA, L. (2014): Monumentality, Visibility and Routes Control in Southeastern Iberian Megalithic Sites, Neolithic and Copper Age Monuments: Emergence, function and the social construction of the landscape (B. Schulz Paulsson, B. Gaydarska, Eds.), British Archaeological Reports. International Series 2625, Archaeopress, Oxford, pp. 89-106.es_ES
dc.description.abstractBetween the end of the V Millennium B.C. and the end of III Millennium B.C., megalithic tombs expand over the Southeastern Iberian Peninsula but their positions, distributions, associations, sizes, shapes and contents are very different according not only their chronology but mainly their ideological function. A new interpretation about the Tabernas Corridor (Almeria) megalithic graves situation analysis is proposed here before discussing the differences among the Los Millares tombs (Santa Fe de Mondújar, Almería) in terms of their location and grave goods as known from the old excavations by L. Siret and A.Almagro-A.Arribas. Both subjects are included in a wider study of the Late Prehistoric funerary ritual phenomenology in the Southeastern Iberian Peninsula and its relation to the social organization through different methodological strategies.es_ES
dc.relation.ispartofseriesBritish Archaeological Reports. International Series;2625
dc.rightsAtribución-SinDerivadas 3.0 España*
dc.subjectSudeste de la Península Ibéricaes_ES
dc.subjectSoutheastern Iberiaes_ES
dc.subjectCultura de Los Millareses_ES
dc.subjectLos Millares Culturees_ES
dc.subjectControl del territorioes_ES
dc.subjectTerritorial controles_ES
dc.titleMonumentality, Visibility and Routes Control in Southeastern Iberian Megalithic Siteses_ES

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Atribución-SinDerivadas 3.0 España
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