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dc.contributor.authorAriza García, Carmen Angélica 
dc.contributor.authorLozano Lozano, Mario 
dc.contributor.authorGaliano Castillo, Noelia 
dc.contributor.authorPostigo Martín, Elisa Paula 
dc.contributor.authorArroyo Morales, Manuel 
dc.contributor.authorCanterero Villanueva, Irene
dc.identifier.citationAriza-Garcia, A., Lozano-Lozano, M., Galiano-Castillo, N., Postigo-Martin, P., Arroyo-Morales, M., & Cantarero-Villanueva, I. (2019). A Web-Based Exercise System (e-CuidateChemo) to Counter the Side Effects of Chemotherapy in Patients With Breast Cancer: Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of medical Internet research, 21(7), e14418.es_ES
dc.description.abstractBackground: Breast cancer patients have to face a high-risk state during chemotherapy, which involves deterioration of their health including extensive physical deterioration. Face-to-face physical exercise programs have presented low adherence rates during medical treatment, and telehealth systems could improve these adherence rates. Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a Web-based exercise program (e-CuidateChemo) to mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy on the physical being, anthropometric aspects, and body composition. Results: Functional capacity improved significantly in the e-CuidateChemo group compared to the control group (6-minute walk test: 62.07 [SD 130.09] m versus –26.34 [SD 82.21] m; 6-minute walk test % distance predicted: 10.81% [SD 22.69%] m versus –4.60% [SD 14.58%]; between-group effect: P=.015 for both). The intervention group also showed significantly improved secondary outcomes such as between-group effects for abdominal (24.93 [SD 26.83] s vs –18.59 [SD 38.69] s), back (12.45 [SD 10.20] kg vs 1.39 [10.72] kg), and lower body (–2.82 [SD 3.75] s vs 1.26 [SD 2.84] s) strength; all P<.001 compared to the control group. Conclusions: This paper showed that a Web-based exercise program was effective in reversing the detriment in functional capacity and strength due to chemotherapy.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThe study was funded by a research project grant from the Andalusian Health Service, Junta de Andalucia, call for subsidies for the financing of biomedical research and health sciences in Andalusia (SAS-0457-2010) and by the Spanish Ministry of Education (FPU14/01069 and FPU17/00939).es_ES
dc.publisherJMIR Publications, Inc.es_ES
dc.rightsAtribución 3.0 España*
dc.subjectBreast canceres_ES
dc.subjectPhysical fitnesses_ES
dc.subjectRandomized control triales_ES
dc.subjectTherapeutic exercisees_ES
dc.titleA Web-Based Exercise System (e-CuidateChemo) to Counter the Side Effects of Chemotherapy in Patients With Breast Cancer: Randomized Controlled Triales_ES

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