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dc.contributor.authorViaña Borja, Sandra Paola
dc.contributor.authorOrtega Sánchez, Miguel
dc.identifier.citationViaña-Borja, S. P., & Ortega-Sánchez, M. (2019). Automatic Methodology to Detect the Coastline from Landsat Images with a New Water Index Assessed on Three Different Spanish Mediterranean Deltas. Remote Sensing, 11(18), 2186.es_ES
dc.description.abstractDue to the importance of coastline detection in coastal studies, different methods have been developed in recent decades in accordance with the evolution of measuring techniques such as remote sensing. This work proposes an automatic methodology with new water indexes to detect the coastline from different multispectral Landsat images; the methodology is applied to three Spanish deltas in the Mediterranean Sea. The new water indexes use surface reflectance rather than top-of-atmosphere reflectance from blue and shortwave infrared (SWIR 2) Landsat bands. A total of 621 sets of images were analyzed from three different Landsat sensors with a moderate spatial resolution of 30 m. Our proposal, which was compared to the most commonly used water indexes, showed outstanding performance in automatic detection of the coastline in 96% of the data analyzed, which also reached the minimum value of bias of -0.91 m and a standard deviation ranging from +/-4.7 and +/-7.29min some cases in contrast to the existing values. Bicubic interpolation was evaluated for a simple sub-pixel analysis to assess its capability in improving the accuracy of coastline extraction. Our methodology represents a step forward in automatic coastline detection that can be applied to micro-tidal coastal sites with different land covers using many multi-sensor satellite images.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipThis research was funded by “Departamento Administrativo de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación (Colciencias)” of the Colombian Government (Grant 679, 2014).es_ES
dc.rightsAtribución 3.0 España*
dc.subjectRemote sensing es_ES
dc.subjectWater indexes_ES
dc.subjectCoastline mappinges_ES
dc.subjectLandsat imageses_ES
dc.titleAutomatic Methodology to Detect the Coastline from Landsat Images with a New Water Index Assessed on Three Different Spanish Mediterranean Deltases_ES

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Atribución 3.0 España
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