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Title: OLAF, the Open Library of Affective Foods in ADULTS
Authors: Miccoli, Laura
Delgado-Rodríguez, Rafael F.
Guerra, Pedro
Versace, Francesco
Rodríguez-Ruiz, Sonia
Fernández-Santaella Santiago, María del Carmen
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2016
Abstract: Recently, several sets of standardized food pictures have been created, supplying both food images and their subjective evaluations. However, to date only the OLAF (Open Library of Affective Foods), a set of food images and ratings we developed in adolescents, has the specific purpose of studying emotions toward food. Moreover, some researchers have argued that food evaluations are not valid across individuals and groups, unless feelings toward food cues are compared with feelings toward intense experiences unrelated to food, that serve as benchmarks. Therefore the OLAF presented here, comprising a set of original food images and a group of standardized highly emotional pictures, is intended to provide valid between-group judgments in adults. Emotional images (erotica, mutilations, and neutrals from the International Affective Picture System/IAPS) additionally ensure that the affective ratings are consistent with emotion research. The OLAF depicts high-calorie sweet and savory foods and low-calorie fruits and vegetables, portraying foods within natural scenes matching the IAPS features. An adult sample evaluated both food and affective pictures in terms of pleasure, arousal, dominance, and food craving, following standardized affective rating procedures. The affective ratings for the emotional pictures corroborated previous findings, thus confirming the reliability of evaluations for the food images. Among the OLAF images, high-calorie sweet and savory foods elicited the greatest pleasure, although they elicited, as expected, less arousal than erotica. The observed patterns were consistent with research on emotions and confirmed the reliability of OLAF evaluations. The OLAF and affective pictures constitute a sound methodology to investigate emotions toward food within a wider motivational framework.
Sponsorship: Hum-388 Research Group/Grupo de Investigación "Psicofisiología Humana y Salud"
Keywords: Food pictures
Imágenes de alimentos
IAPS (International Affective Picture System)
OLAF (Open Library of Affective Foods)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10481/41499
Rights : Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
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A_OLAF2016_adults_TechReport.pdfOLAF Instructions & Ratings / Instrucciones y evaluaciones del OLAF944.17 kBAdobe PDFView/Open
fat_0018.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos702.36 kBJPEGView/Open
fat_0021.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos4.22 MBJPEGView/Open
fat_0022.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos1.09 MBJPEGView/Open
fat_0025.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos4.53 MBJPEGView/Open
fat_0029.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos695.52 kBJPEGView/Open
fat_0036.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos731.91 kBJPEGView/Open
fat_0037.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos3.13 MBJPEGView/Open
fat_0038.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos787.15 kBJPEGView/Open
fat_0055.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos918.55 kBJPEGView/Open
fat_0075.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos4.84 MBJPEGView/Open
fat_0083.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos921.59 kBJPEGView/Open
fat_0107.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos865.27 kBJPEGView/Open
fat_0118.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos735.06 kBJPEGView/Open
fat_0123.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos3.44 MBJPEGView/Open
fat_0156.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos778.62 kBJPEGView/Open
fat_0224.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos4.14 MBJPEGView/Open
fat_0242.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos770.45 kBJPEGView/Open
fat_0655.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos1.86 MBJPEGView/Open
fat_5515.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos2.21 MBJPEGView/Open
fat_5557.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos5.15 MBJPEGView/Open
fat_6053.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos2.2 MBJPEGView/Open
fat_6054.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos1.98 MBJPEGView/Open
fat_6439.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos1.75 MBJPEGView/Open
fatfood3.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos3.42 MBJPEGView/Open
fru_0015.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos483.76 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_0024.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos916.88 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_0083.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos745.23 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_0103.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos785.64 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_0144.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos1.29 MBJPEGView/Open
fru_0190.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos804.84 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_0289.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos1.03 MBJPEGView/Open
fru_0337.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos792.73 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_0384.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos750.81 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_0492.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos777.98 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_0495.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos811.29 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_0511.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos709.44 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_0553.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos1.12 MBJPEGView/Open
fru_0593.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos588.63 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_0613.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos1.21 MBJPEGView/Open
fru_0670.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos654.57 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_0683.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos765.3 kBJPEGView/Open
fru_1902.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos2.27 MBJPEGView/Open
fru_5515.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos3.52 MBJPEGView/Open
fru_5595.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos4.06 MBJPEGView/Open
fru_5772.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos4.94 MBJPEGView/Open
fru_5782.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos5.45 MBJPEGView/Open
fru_5795.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos5.34 MBJPEGView/Open
fru_5833.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos5.12 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0013.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos1.02 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0014.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos772.71 kBJPEGView/Open
sug_0018.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos779.62 kBJPEGView/Open
sug_0043.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos732.35 kBJPEGView/Open
sug_0072.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos3.31 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0083.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos3.88 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0096.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos3.71 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0099.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos5.56 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0101.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos2.62 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0112.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos4.22 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0113.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos4.02 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0116.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos3.47 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0135.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos4.42 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0141.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos957.26 kBJPEGView/Open
sug_0147.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos4.45 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0150.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos879.51 kBJPEGView/Open
sug_0151.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos3.88 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0152.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos2.41 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_0157.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos862.57 kBJPEGView/Open
sug_0166.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos3.95 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_152.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos4.33 MBJPEGView/Open
sug_4009.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos735.48 kBJPEGView/Open
sug_4011.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos601.23 kBJPEGView/Open
sug_4421.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos5.28 MBJPEGView/Open
veg_0002.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos666.89 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0005.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos899.36 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0011.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos829.92 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0012.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos651.97 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0048.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos659.29 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0070.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos637.62 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0079.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos5.1 MBJPEGView/Open
veg_0085.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos736.43 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0092.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos630.13 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0109.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos763.96 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0113.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos841.21 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0114.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos938.37 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0118.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos710.25 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0125.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos780.84 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0133.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos1.36 MBJPEGView/Open
veg_0135.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos1.05 MBJPEGView/Open
veg_0148.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos700.3 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0152.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos891.92 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0186.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos843.27 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0198.JPGFood picture/imagen de alimentos937.4 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0281.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos767.67 kBJPEGView/Open
veg_0455.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos2.98 MBJPEGView/Open
veg_0725.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos835.67 kBJPEGView/Open
vegofood.jpgFood picture/imagen de alimentos4.03 MBJPEGView/Open
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