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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A Transgenic Transcription Factor (TaDREB3) in Barley Affects the Expression of MicroRNAs and Other Small Non-Coding RNAsHackenberg, Michael; Shi, Bu-Jun; Gustafson, Perry; Langridge, Peter
2013Characterization of phosphorus-regulated miR399 and miR827 and their isomirs in barley under phosphorus-sufficient and phosphorus-deficient conditionsHackenberg, Michael; Shi, Bu-Jun; Gustafson, Perry; Langridge, Peter
2006CpGcluster: a distance-based algorithm for CpG-island detectionHackenberg, Michael; Previti, Christopher; Luque-Escamilla, Pedro Luis; Carpena, Pedro; Martínez-Aroza, José; Oliver, José Luis
2013CpGislandEVO: A Database and Genome Browser for Comparative Evolutionary Genomics of CpG IslandsBarturen, Guillermo; Geisen, Stefanie; Dios, Francisco; Maarten Hamberg, E. J.; Hackenberg, Michael; Oliver, José Luis
2005Dinámica evolutiva de los retrotransposones ALU en el genoma humanoHackenberg, Michael
2012Discovery of Novel MicroRNAs in Rat Kidney Using Next Generation Sequencing and Microarray ValidationMeng, Fanxue; Hackenberg, Michael; Li, Zhiguang; Yan, Jian; Chen, Tao
2012DNA methylation profiling from high-throughput sequencing dataHackenberg, Michael; Barturen, Guillermo; Oliver, José Luis
2015Integrated microRNA, mRNA, and protein expression profiling reveals microRNA regulatory networks in rat kidney treated with a carcinogenic dose of aristolochic acidLi, Zhiguang; Qin, Taichun; Wang, Kejian; Hackenberg, Michael; Yan, Jian; Gao, Yuan; Yu, Li-Rong; Si, Zhengian Su; Chen, Tao
2004IsoFinder: computational prediction of isochores in genome sequencesOliver, José Luis; Carpena, Pedro; Hackenberg, Michael; Bernaola-Galván, Pedro
2014MethylExtract: High-Quality methylation maps and SNV calling from whole genome bisulfite sequencing dataBarturen, Guillermo; Rueda, Antonio; Oliver, José Luis; Hackenberg, Michael
2011miRanalyzer: an update on the detection and analysis of microRNAs in high-throughput sequencing experimentsHackenberg, Michael; Rodríguez-Ezpeleta, Naiara; Aransay, Ana M.
2010NGSmethDB: a database for next-generation sequencing single-cytosine-resolution DNA methylation dataHackenberg, Michael; Barturen, Guillermo; Oliver, José Luis
2014NGSmethDB: an updated genome resource for high quality, single-cytosine resolution methylomesGeisen, Stefanie; Barturen, Guillermo; Alganza, Ángel M.; Hackenberg, Michael; Oliver, José Luis
2014Nontemplated Nucleotide Additions Distinguish the Small RNA Composition in Cells from ExosomesKoppers-Lalic, Danijela; Hackenberg, Michael; Bijnsdorp, Irene V.; Eijndhoven, Monique A. J. van; Sadek, Payman; Sie, Daud; Zini, Nicoletta; Middeldorp, Jaap M.; Ylstra, Bauke; Menezes, Renee X. de; Würdinger, Thomas; Meijer, Gerrit A.; Pegtel, D. Michiel
2008Phylogenetic distribution of large-scale genome patchinessOliver, José Luis; Bernaola-Galván, Pedro; Hackenberg, Michael; Carpena, Pedro
2010Prediction of CpG-island function: CpG clustering vs. sliding-window methodsHackenberg, Michael; Barturen, Guillermo; Carpena, Pedro; Luque-Escamilla, Pedro Luis; Previti, Christopher; Oliver, José Luis
2014Regiones Genómicas implicadas en la metilación diferencial del ADNBarturen, Guillermo
2014Sources of individual variability: miRNAs that predispose to neuropathic pain identified using genome-wide sequencingBali, Kiran Kumar; Hackenberg, Michael; Lubin, Avigail; Kuner, Rohini; Devor, Marshall
2010TargetSpy: a supervised machine learning approach for microRNA target predictionSturm, Martin; Hackenberg, Michael; Langenberger, David; Frishman, Dmitrij
2011WordCluster: detecting clusters of DNA words and genomic elementsHackenberg, Michael; Carpena, Pedro; Bernaola-Galván, Pedro; Barturen, Guillermo; Alganza, Ángel M.; Oliver, José Luis
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